The Alchemy of Flower of the Soul in the brain
Neurobolic Exercise (Lawrence C.katz and Hanning Rubin)

Challenging the brain to reduce it’s dependence of the vision and audition, stimulating the less used sense of smell, touch and taste, creating smell as a more prominent role in the daily activities. When doing this, circuits hardly ever activated of the associative net of the brain are used, increasing mental flexibility. When reacting to this innovation, the cortical activity increases in more and varied areas of the brain strengthening the synaptic connections due to the increase of neurotrofins production.
All of this is achieved through a natural process.
The smell system is the only sense that has direct connections with the cortex, the hipocampo and other parts of the limbic system involved in the processing of emotions and storage of memories.
"The use of Flower of the Soul presents result similar to the described above."

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