1 - Guardian2 - Auraclean3 - Auraforce4 - The Healer
5 - Queen of the peace
6 - Oblatio7 - Maná8 - Queen of the sea
9 - Flower of the waters10 - Star of the Water11 - Domus Domini12 - Tao

Energizer of the Enviorment:

To create in the enviorment a six pointed star , forming two triangles, one facing the front door and another with your back to the front door, like this:
Position yourself in the center of the room, facing the front wall where the entrance is. Position yourself in the middle of the wall, Inhale and exhale once.Breath once towards each corner of the wall. This creates th first triangle. Still in the center of the room, with your back now to the entrance door, breath and exhale towards the corners of the back wall . Turn again to the front entrance door, and breathe one time towards each corner of the front wall, closing like this the second triangle; forming the six pointed star. This star is the star of balance and equilibrium, that generates in the atmosphere, an energy similar to that found in the spinal column. It is an energy of transformation and harmonization.
After having concluded the star, to close the work, position yourself in front of the entrance door; breath once. Recite the mantra indicated in the bottle and leave the enviorment without turning your back.